Expanded Aluminium Flooring

'Ampligrip' is the trade name of our expanded aluminium floor grating. The product is created by taking a standard aluminium extrusion (alloy 6063) and firstly placing slots in it in alternate positions to create a pattern. The extrusion is then stretched wider to open up the slots. At the same time the length of the slots decreases. As a standard we stretch the grating to 600mm wide with tolerance of +/-5mm (this is due to the tensile variation in the extrusions). The finished length is determined by the ordered length of extrusion. Our standard length is 6m.

We are able to supply variations in width and length for special requirements. For smaller sizes we would simply cut our standard product to suit but for bigger sizes (wider, up to 650mm or longer, up to 8m), we would need to ensure that 1) the quantity is sufficient to enable us to place a mill order and 2) the time period it is required in falls within the mill delivery period.


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Roof top walkway

Key Benefits

  • Rust Free
  • Light Weight
  • Anti Slip Surface
  • Maintenance Free
  • Cost Effective

Available banded or un-banded.

We cut to size on request for a nominal charge.

Product Range

Type Size Area, m2 Weight, kg
201 600x6000 3.6 23
202 600x6000 3.6 32
203 600x6000 3.6 47


Cross Sections

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